Petya Dankova LIVE


Petya Dankova LIVE

09.02.2017 Live and Loud Sofia TICKETS
Days after brining bringing raging sensitivity to everyones palate, with her new music video for Sweet or Bitter, Petya Dankova extends an invitation for a live meeting. This time the richness is in the form of musical "tastes", inspired Petya's songs and the way one of the most talanted Bulgarian musicians can present them live on stage.

Radoslav Slavchev - RIVERMAN - bass;
Miroslav Ivanov - guitar;
Bojidar Vassilev - TROMBBOBY - trombone, FX;
Bogomil Enchev - drums.

The day is 9th of FEB, the place Live & Loud on 8 Pozitano str. Sofia

Don't forget to watch Sweet ot Bitter here: