Petya Dankova presents new album on the A to Jazz Festival

The international A to Jazz Festival created in 2011, for 6 consecutive years marks the beginning of the summer in Sofia, Bulgaria with world class music, strong emotions and a lot of vibe. Over the […]

Petya Dankova presented live her debut album

On the 2.06.2016 in club Terminal 1 in Sofia, Petya Dankova presented live for the first time her debut album "Sweet or Bitter". On stage, live, Petya is a master of her ability to deeply […]

“от Аз до Ти” – new single by Petya Dankova

We love, argue, learn from one another, maybe get just a bit wiser. I was so impatient to share with you "от Аз до Ти". The first song in Bulgarian from my upcoming album. I would […]

A FOOL by Petya Dankova – lyric video

There is a fool on the hill hiding in each and every one of us. So often we miss the obvious -  we choose to walk through the doors in the middle of a field […]